Newington , Connecticut , Summer  1967



Peter Perfido's career has spanned four decades and four continents.

The American drummer began his musical journey in the early 60's , strongly influenced

in the beginning by the British "Wave” ( Beatles , Kinks , Animals , Who ).


By the mid 70's, however, Peter had begun to discover jazz and improvised music .

Since then his career has involved playing jazz, improvised music, rock and blues with scores of lauded musicians from diverse styles and backgrounds.

While predominantly self-taught , Peter has studied privately with Kit McDermott ,

Bob Moses and Jerry Granelli.


Peter has played across the USA, Western Canada and Europe and in Algeria

(International Festival of Jazz 1987) as well as Romania , Hungary , Spain and Turkey .

 In 1983 , he travelled to South Korea, Phillipines , Japan , Diego Garcia , Guam and Hawaii as part of a USO Tour.

In the last months of the ex-USSR, he toured in Russia and the Ukraine as part of a Music / Theatre joint venture production between Germany & Russia.





With Chet Baker , Domicile Club , Munich , September , 1987

Memorable moments have been shared on stage (or in the studio) with Chet Baker,

Gary Peacock, Lee Konitz, Jimmy Woode, Bill Barron, Art Lande, Julian Priester,

David Friedman, Tomasz Stanko, Sal Nistico, Kent Carter, Rasul Siddik, Bob Degen,

Heinz Sauer, Bob Mover, Ed Schuller, Jack Gregg, Anthony Braxton, Joe Lee Wilson, 

Lou Bennett, Bobby Few, Barney Wilen, Michael Cain, Bob Dorough, Ben Monder,

Andy Laster, Ricardo Del Fra, Nicolas Simion, Joe Fonda, David Tronzo, Bobby Few,

Liz McComb, Michelle Hendricks, Clark Suprynowicz, Ferenc Snetberger, Rinde Eckert, Lonnie Plaxico , Stephen Haynes, Michel Pilz, Lonnie Plaxico, David Friesen, Paul Smoker,

Bill Douglass, Jesper Lungaard, Hein van de Geyn . . . . . and the list goes on . . . . .

Recording with Bob Degen at MPS Studio in Villingen , Germany .

Peter performs mostly in Europe these days

with groups spanning a wide spectrum of

influences from mainstream (modern) jazz

to open ended explorations with free

improvisation, as well as shuffling and rocking the blues.

There are many styles and colours represented

in his expansive musical palette .

Grooving away or floating in waves of pulsating timelessness are all a part of this drummer's language , love and passion.