Peter Perfido’s   EPS (& SPS*) Trio

        « When the timing’s right . . . .we will play «

             by Mike O’Neil (from his song Play)


           Featuring :


Daniel Erdmann - tenor saxophone

Henning Sieverts - bass and cello

Peter Perfido - drums & percussion 

*S P S Trio  (with Reto Suhner) alto & soprano sax, alto clarinet & flute


Taking its inspiration from wide-ranging sources, the trio looks both forward and

back at the same time. Striving for a sound and energy that is rooted in tradition, at the same timecontinually pushing itself In the realm of collective expression / improvisation.

Balancing itself on the tightrope between written material and wide

open explorations is where this trio finds it’s true home.

Their repertoire draws from the compositions of Mike O’Neil, Paul Motian

and Bob Degen and includes a number of original compositions.

Always tuned in to being «in the moment», their sound is ever-evolving and full

of the unexpected. Their path as a trio is fearless…as they delight in the rewards

of a full-fledged «triologue». 


 (photo credits : Copyright -Like a Jazz Machine/ Marc Lazzarini)